Special Announcement!
Beginning 1/1/2018, our beginner program students will be eligible to receive a gift certificate toward the purchase of a new or used vehicle at Stokes Kia in Goose Creek! The gift certificates are $500 toward the purchase of a new vehicle or a $250 toward the purchase of a used vehicle. We want to thank Stokes Kia for offering this incentive!

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At Lord Ashley, we believe in what we are doing and strive to provide the best possible instruction to every student who entrusts us with their driver education. It's been that way for decades!

At Lord Ashley, we stress the importance of collision free driving because once a new driver is alone in the car, it is up to him/her to decide to drive defensively. We help develop the correct attitudes and desires in your new driver to want to maintain a collision free lifestyle. If a new driver understands why they need to drive defensively, they will be more apt to want to drive defensively. We help them understand why!

Our school is one of the most respected schools in the region. Our instructors are highly trained and very patient. The training we provide has been developed to teach new drivers with no experience to develop quickly and confidently as well as provide more advanced drivers with the skills they need to remain collision free.

Our DriveTechUSA Expert Driving System teaches new drivers how to be aware of their surroundings. Once the student has mastered our system, he/she will be aware of potential threats on the roadways as well as how to avoid conflicts that lead to collisions. The student will learn to deal with distractions and unfamiliar situations. He/she will be able to read traffic signs and know the laws pertaining to the roadways and driving etiquette.

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